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Shooting At ZIZA BAFANA Show in Bugiri Kills Two

Two people were shot dead when a policeman started shooting live bullets to disperse a rowdy crowd after popular dancehall singer, Ziza Bafana snubbed a show in Bugiri on Saturday night. The policeman identified as Wafula Oguttu, who was assigned to guard, Jojos Night Club, where the show had been organized was left with no option but to fire live bullets to revelers who got angry and started destroying property after the “Tuli Majje” hit maker failed to show up. According to the singers’ manager, the promoter of the show did not pay the deposit in full amount as they had agreed, a reason why, Ziza Bafana did not appear at the venue. “We had agreed with the events’ promoter to pay us 3 million which he never paid. We even told him that for an artiste to leave Kampala for a concert, the promoter has to pay at least 50% but only paid us 500,000 shillings which doesn’t even reach half,” Bafana’s manager said. Ziza Bafana’s management has also denied responsibility for the death of the revelers, putting all the blame on the promoter who failed to honor their agreement.


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