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Singer Arrested For Drunk-Driving

Ugandan dancehall singer, Andrew Kayemba aka Sizza Man spent Saturday night in a police cell after he was arrested by traffic police for driving under the influence of alcohol. The “Wulira Ebaala” singer, who was returned home after partying, was netted at a breathalyzer checkpoint stationed along Bunga road at around 3:00 AM.
Sizza, who saw the Traffic Police roadblock from a distance, attempted to make a u-turn to escape arrest but was not lucky as he ended up knocking a highway guardrail from where the police arrested him. When subjected to the breathalyzer test, the police found out the singer had taken alot of alcohol and it was not safe from him to drive.
The singer, who was wearing a grey t-shirt and black jean pants, tried to resist arrest the officers man-handled and whisked him away to Kabalagala Police Station where he spent the night.


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