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“Am Single & Searching” – LEILA KAYONDO Opens Up On Relationship Status

Ugandan Popular Female Singer , Leila Kayondo has come out and revealed her relationship status following the misunderstanding she recently had with city tycoon, SK Mbuga, which had to be resolved in court.
Many people have been wondering what her current relationship with Mbuga is since she made him spend over 48 hours in a police cell after crying for help via Facebook where disclosed that the tycoon had been assaulting her.
While appearing on Dembe FM on Sunday evening, the “Leero Tompona” singer revealed that she is currently a single and searching woman, ready to meet the man of her dreams when he presents himself.


“My advice to all men out there is to love their ladies with all their hearts because we women we don’t need a lot of things from men as some of them tend to claim,” Leila Said. She added that many women out there were admiring her because of the riches, the cars and the money she was swimming in but noted that without true love all things on this earth are useless. “Some people had started making me a topic on whether I can get pregnant but what I can assure you is that am like any other woman out there and when my Mr. Right comes into my life there will be nothing stopping me from getting pregnant and I promise you it will be a nice baby,” Kayondo further said.
“With love issues I don’t set standards because they are unpredictable and you never know I may be moving out of here and I meet some body outside there with the qualities I need,” she added.
Leila Kayondo who sounded like she had learnt a lesson from her past relationships called upon all men to increase on the time and care they give to their lovers, pointing out that it is one of the reasons that has made a number of women to live a single life.


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