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Why Am Taking Over The Industry-One On One With K Daddy.

1.You are currently riding high on your Washa Candle HIT,What has made the jam such a massive HIT?

Washa candle being my very first video has taken me a lot of hard work ,resilience and sacrifice  in pushing the video, I must admit Washa Candle is doing well because I did a very powerful love story and people LOVE  it.

2.K Daddy,For how long have you been in the Showbiz Scene?

I have been in the showbiz scene for 5 years.This is the time i want to offer the music industry  something new, something fresh that hasn’t been there for a while.

3.Of course imekua safari Ngumu,What Has kept you moving?

There’s a quote that says “Every king was once a small crying baby, Every huge tree was once a seed,every storey building was was a drawing on paper”And so is every journey.

I began way back in 2011 in a very small way, but the support I’ve had over the Years from people who believe in me has always given me the confidence to keep going and so far so good.

4.Are you  a Full time musician Or You Have side hustles?

Music is not my major source of income, I have a number of small businesses. I will be launching a recording label soon, I also have a clothesline called fortune wear.K Daddy is an all rounded guy.

5.What  Can Fans expect from you?

I have a new project with Main switch studios under the very able hands of producer Philip Makanda  in which i have featured Brown Mauzo.I also have a new project with Lawize and Neyba from Tanzania and many more to come.Just watch me.


You can catch K DADDY later on today on Mambo Mseto Live Interview with Mzazi Willy.Tuva


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