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Think This Thru – Cosmic Homies O.N.E.

Diversely influenced, each member of the Cosmic Homies music crew brings to the collaboration a unique sonic flavor, be it Funk, Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, Tribal and beyond. Featuring TAIO, Karungari, Marushka & Joseph Kiwango, we are Cosmic Homies: O.N.E.


We exist to expand the current perception of a musical ‘genre,’ the current perception of ‘life on Earth’ and of Consciousness itself.



In homage to the collective The Soulquarians, who coined their genre as “Boho-Rap,” Cosmic Homies experiments with an eclectic mix of timeless melodies, Urban beats and Afro Soul inspiration to produce an original style of ‘Electro-Organic’ music. A full-length album is set to release in Fall 2015. Meanwhile, you can listen to their first single here:





Songwriters: TAIO, Karungari, Marushka, Joseph Kiwango
Mixing and mastering by: Wanyoike Kimani, Square Down Studio, Nairobi, Kenya.
Graphic Art: NYEKS


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