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This Is Why Prezzo Is Suing A Leading Media House…

Kenya’s Leading Rapper Jackson Ngechi Makini aka Prezzo is apparently not a very happy man.

With seemingly unendless  controversies,the rapper has always found a way to be and remain in the public domain.

This time round Prezzo through an Instagram post has claimed an alleged¬† “Who Is Who” in Nacada¬† has paid a Newspaper writer to tarnish his name.

“So my lawyer Hon Evans Ondiek gives me a call concerning an article that was on Standard news paper talking about Prezzo uses drugs & all that BS,” The post starts.

The journalist who wrote that article was clearly paid by one of Nacada’s “u know who” in order to tarnish my name,”Prezzo adds.

Prezzo now states that he’s ready to test for drugs in his system and if the results come out clean he’s demanding Ksh 2million in compensation.

Below is a screenshot of the post.



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