Home Lifestyle Timmy Set To Be Evicted From His House {DETAILS}

Timmy Set To Be Evicted From His House {DETAILS}

Timothy Popularly known as Timmy is having issues with his Landlord, A Source told this website that the Welle Welle hitmaker has been having running battles with his landlord for quite sometime,this is after fellow neighbors start complaining of loud music from the artiste apartment, our sources further added that TIMMY invites strangers mostly ladies in the neighbourhood “Huyu Kijana ana badilisha wasichana kama vile mtu anapanda matatu kila siku “- narrated one of his neighbors . We tried reaching his landlord to find out if this allegations are true and this is what he had to say “Kusema kweli nimepata hizo complains and i will deal with that though huyo Kijana (TIMMY) is a very nice person, he’s pays his rent on time na hajawai kuchokoza na mtu tangu aingie hapa”


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