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Top 5-One On One With Acie Muiruri.

1. Acie,Kindly describe the kind of music you do.

I do Gospel music. Planning to major on Gospel Reggae but I believe I am very flexible and i can work around all genres with the Lord’s granted strength.

2.And how is the reception of your music so far?

Being a new image in the Gospel ministry I can comfortably say it is great and it definitely gets better by the day.

3.Does the Campus Audience relate with your music?

Yes it does. When I started off in this music journey, I was still in campus so I got to connect with fellow campus students and in return got a lot of support. I still do.

4.You are still a student and a digital media expert,How do you juggle?

I used to be a student. Cleared in December last year. However, I schooled and still worked around it because digital media is a passion.
All I needed was a program for my day and proper timing.Self-discipline and professionalism count too.

5.Who are some of the Top Gospel artists you would love to work with and why?

  • TPK Sons. As Acie Muiruri I love creativity and doing the unbelievable.They have these qualities.
  • Laura Karwirwa.Her songs are the kind of worship type. I do something similar to what she does. So I think we’d make a great blend.
  • SOC.If i ever dared do HipHop these are the guys i would definitely work with.

“Tomorrow is not promised. Do all you can & where you can do today to please the Lord.”

Acie Muiruri


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