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TOP 5-One On One With Super Female MC-MC PHYLIS.

1.Mc Phylis,You are one of the most consistent Female Mcees In the Gospel Industry,How do you maintain that?

I make sure i remain consistent by being unique,creating and maintaining a good rapport with people and
working hard.
Above All God.

2.What are some of the challenges of being a female Mc?

One,people have the perception that only men can deliver which is not true.
Two,going to mcee or hype events and at the end of the day am not paid or not getting paid as per the agreement.

3.Do you have guys hitting on you at work?

Yes very many;But dignity stands over everything so i always know how to overcome such situations when they come my way.

4.Dating or Nay?

Yes,Mc Phylis is dating.

5.Secrets of remaining relevant as an Mcee.

Own your Brand with Pride and Prestige by working hard,having the required Self discipline and Above All Prayers.

“I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me.”

Mc Phylis


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