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Top East African Comedian And Wife Expecting A Baby Boy Soon, Find Out Who It Is Here

Whoever discovered the technology of knowing the sex of babies pregnant women carry really did a great job. People no longer need to wait for the day of delivering so they can know the babies’ sex. Comedian Salvado Idringi and his beloved wife Daphine are currently expecting a baby boy any time from now. A thorough scan check they carried out 6 months ago at Bugolobi Medical Centre confirmed to them that Daphine is carrying a boy.

Yesterday Salvado organised a baby shower at the Kyaliwajjala-Kampala based bar and restaurant called Ishazi where they celebrated, had fun and congratulated Salvado’s wife upon how far she has reached. When Our Sources contacted Salvado for a comment and this is what he had this to say. “I feel blessed because my first born is a girl, now I’m having a boy I am just so happy. These are just endless blessings God is giving me. We expect anytime from now but you know you can’t be certain but her expectation date is 11th March.” For the remaining days, we wish Salvado and the wife all the best of luck.


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