This Top Kenyan Female Rapper Is Going Through Hell At The Moment.Read Her Inspirational Story.

    Gloria Mecheo, aka Xtatic by 2012 was among Kenya’s fastest  rising stars then things started going bad on her way.What really happened? The 25-year-old had snapped up a multi-million shilling deal with Sony Music Entertainment Africa, who had then named her as ‘one of the most promising’ artists to come out of Africa .


    However after that all Xtatic has been heard complaining much about Sony Music Entertainment Africa for wasting her talent by holding the release of her albums.Close sources revealed that Xtatic was trapped in the contract and could not do much to better her music unless it is approved by Sony Music which costed her talent a lot.

    So recently she came out to explain how she has been struggling  with her life since the demise of her mum and  the challenges of raising her  two kids .

    “It’s not a cry of pity. I just wanted to use my situation to inspire people,”  “Taking care of my two siblings and my daughter at the same time also contributed a bit to my woes, but I will be fine. You know after my mother’s death, I had more responsibilities and even though people are asking where my boyfriend is, they should know that a man can only do so much. He also has his own responsibilities,”

    Xtatic has a new song whereby she has been featured by Shiko Femi One by the name Usiku Mchana.


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