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VISITA At Loggerheads With His Former Boss REFIGAH Again

Seems the bad blood between these two won’t go away anytime soon, VISITA who’s a very talented artiste and producer worked under REFIGAH’s Grandpa records for sometime, and even released quite number of hits,until late last year when the hullabaloo kicked off. Visita left Grandpa records to start his own label HELA RECORDS. Last week REFIGAH revealed to Pulse Magazine the reason he fired VISITA,stating it all started when artistes would call him about their unfinished songs. This was followed by letters from the estate committee, complaining about the smell of “strange smokables” coming from the backyard of the label’s compound, where Visita liked hanging out with his boys. “I had meetings with him about it because it is the kind of conduct that would affect the reputation of the label. It is very sad it had to end this way,” revealed REFIGAH during an interview with Pulse.  VISITA didn’t take REFIGA’S statements lightly, he took it to his facebook timeline and posted this “HEHE MY PEOPLE I KEPT QUITE THEN I CAME ACROSS THIS. OK, EITHER REFIGA IN THIS PHOTO IS PHOTOSHOPED, OR THE STORY IS FAKE. BUT IF IT’S TRUE HE IS THE ONE, THEN HE MUST BE VERY FOOLISH. THIS IS A WRONG MOVE. ANYWAY, MAY HE PUBLISH ALL THE RECEIPT WITH MY SIGNATURE ON. AND MAY HE TELL THE PUBLIC HOW MANY SHOWS DID I GO. I WORKED WITH HIM FOR FOUR YEARS, HOW COMES HE STARTED PAYING STUFF FOR ME FOR TWO YEARS. I DARE HIM. LET HIM FACE ME. IDIOT”


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