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I will be An MP And The SONU Chair At The Same Time- Babu Owino

Babu Owino who was sworn in for the fourth time as the Students Organization of Nairobi University chairman says that he will not hand over power if he does not get the right person to hand to come 2017.In an interview with Citizen Digital the vocal student leader said that he will vie for the Embakasi East parliamentary seat and at the same time serve as SONU Chair in 2017.

Babu likened himself to President  Paul Kagame Of Rwanda that’s why Comrades will continue voting him in. “I am like the Paul Kagame of UoN. Kagame has been performing in Rwanda and that is why Rwandans voted positively in a referendum that will make Kagame eligible to vie as president of Rwanda for a third term in 2017.”

Babu added that his being in power has empowered many comrades to get jobs before  after graduation because of his good rapport between the institution and potential employers.About rigging the just concluded elections, Babu said that the elections were fair and free hence his opponent Mike Jacobs should agree the results and move on.

 “When they say that I rigged, University of Nairobi has 11 campuses – nine in Nairobi, one in Kisumu and another in Mombasa. I won in 10 out of the 11 campuses. My key opponent Mike Jacobs won in main campus only with a difference of 200 votes.

“With those figures as announced by the electoral commission, I don’t understand the meaning of rigging. University of Nairobi has an 84, 000 plus students. Why is it that the other ten campuses were not demonstrating? I am urging Mike Jacobs to calm down, accept and move on.” said Babu

On the other side Mike Jacob on a lengthy Facebook post maintained his stand that the elections were not fairly conducted.

”Ladies and Gentlemen, I greet you in the names of democracy, sobriety and morality! Something is not right at the University of Nairobi, however much some want it to appear so. We had SONU elections on Friday 1st April, but what transpired then and the following day of Saturday 2nd April, make a big mockery of the standards of conduct in Kenya’s leading institution of higher learning. The conduct of one of the candidates for the SONU chairmanship and in apparent collusion with the institution’s administration, have robbed the students of their rightly and freely elected choice of SONU chairman. In the process, students got angry and attempted to stop the ‘board-room’ swearing in of the said fraudulently declared winner, one Babu Owino aka Paul Ongili aka Paul Awino, at Main Campus.

Unfortunately, the administration called in the GSU who instead of pursuing the students demonstrating in the streets, arbitrarily went to the hostels and did unfathomable damage to the already heart-broken comrades. The GSU officers physically molested lady students and seriously wounded so many male students too. The officers pursuing a looting frenzy too and left with the student’s mobile phones, I-pads, tablets, laptops and even cash. Note these were students who just resting in their rooms within the hostels, they were not part of the demonstrating students. We strongly condemn this sheer lack of manners in the conduct of the very officers who should protect us.

Yet the students were merely protesting against the illegal wearing in due to the obvious bungling of the SONU elections by one Babu Owino with the support of the university administration. Babu even came to the university with a gun on the Election Day and shot at students and police officers around the Graduation Square. We will not wait for the administration to act on these crimes against the student’s hearts and dignity, we shall act. From tomorrow, we shall take all necessary but unspecified measures to restore dignity in the student’s democratic process. We cannot permit the perennial habit of the university administration and the career student Babu Owino interfering with the student’s wishes. The consequences of the student’s actions shall speak louder than imagined, be warned!



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