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“I will Be vying For A Parliamentary Seat In 2017, Then Governorship In 2022 And The Presidency In 2027 – Babu Owino

On an interview with the standard, the most vocal student leader in kenya said that he loves Nairobi and got a lot of interest in it that’s why he is eying for the  Embakasi Parliamentary seat  and the Nairobi Gubernatorial seat in 2017 and 2022 respectively. Babu also  confirmed that Paul Kobia the Nairobi Businessman contributed  KSh 2 million towards the concluded SONU elections that saw him emerge the winner.Babu added that the fact he is a nationalist, he believes that one day he will be the president of Kenya.


”I will be vying for a parliamentary seat in 2017, then governorship in 2022 and the presidency in 2027. I am based and have interests in Nairobi, so the first two seats I will contest will be in Nairobi. I am however a nationalist and that’s why I believe that one day, I will be the president of Kenya.” – Babu Said

Babu confirmed that his salary as the SONU chairman is only KSH 6,000 and various allowances, whereby he added that he makes sure that students get their set aside bursaries . “I earn Sh6,000 per month some allowances here and there. I ran for this position purely because of my hunger to serve comrades. I ensure that Sonu money is used in bursaries for needy students and in our Secretariat and Parliament which is bigger than the National Assembly,” -Babu Owino.



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