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Willy Paul Bounces Back with a Massive HIT featuring Sauti Sol,Check It Out Here…

Amidst the controversy that surrounds this very collaboration between Willy Paul Msafi and Sauti Sol, the dynamic Gospel artist has definitely taken a step of faith to release the song that comes in a finely crafted video. The song is titled Take It Slow.

The song is currently taking YouTube by storm as fans and music enthusiasts as well rush to get a feel of the much anticipated single and believe me, it’s a hit, a massive one the be precise. The audio work is mastered so well to refine the song into a groovy melodious tune with a richly African touch by Teddy B and Savara who must have spent tones of skill and mastery of the art of music on the vocally endowed men to have the song as it is. It couldn’t have been done any better, not a single inch more.

As one grooves on the must have song, the message lays itself bare on thy ears and eyes for the director did execute the concept behind the song craftily as the talented boys preach on taking it slow on life’s biggest challenge especially for the youth, that of sexual purity and responsiveness. They aren’t shy to sing on the dangers that come with such too, something most artists haven’t dared singing on. For sure “maisha si rehearsal na ukimess huwezi cancel”.

Willy Paul and Sauti Sol have definitely taken music to a whole new level with Take It Slow by killing two birds with a single stone, that of entertaining as well as societal enlightenment in 3:43 minutes. You better Take It Slow.

Watch the video here


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