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Wow ! This Is The Sweetest Birthday Message Ever! AKOTHEE’S Birthday Message To Her Son Oyoo.

Akothee , the celebrated and rich female artiste who is riding high in the airwaves with her new single with Mr Flavour “Give it to me” is always a happy mom . Her son Oyoo just turned 4 . She wrote on how she gave birth to him on the road, in traffic somewhere in Mtwapa. Akothee has such a soft spot for her four children and she takes a lot of time being with them.Akothee also congratulated all mothers for what they pass through when giving birth. So this is what she  took to her social pages  to celebrate the birthday of Oyoo.


“On this same day same month you came into my life as one
of the greatest gift ,OYOO . You melt hearts with your smile
even though you can be very nagging at times ,? OYOO
JOSE HAPPY BIRTHDAY my cup cake mummy, is in town for
your big day . I LOVE YOU (jaluu bangi be nigi due achiel )”

She also wrote:

“Photo grid by aunty belvin Am 4 years old today & my name is
OYOO because I was born on the road on our way to the
hospital, it was my mum Dad & the driver in front of tuskys
mtwapa on that heavy traffic . Am used to giving birth on the
road this was a second time at least I escaped the healthy
fingers of the nurses! Lol panda panda kitanda tuangalie
kichwa! Salute to all mothers out there. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
SON —”


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