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Zari & Diamond Platinumz Welcome second Baby

Zari Hassan has given birth to a baby boy and this means it is the second baby the socialite will be having with Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz. The baby who was born on Tuesday at around 2PM is not called Riaz as Zari had named her a few weeks ago before he was born.
According to Diamond Platinumz, they are still looking for the right name to give to the newly born and that is the reason they haven’t posted the face of the baby on social media. The baby was born in Netcare Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa where the couple is currently leaving. Diamond Platinumz recently bought a house in South Africa and since then, they have relocated there.
They both posted the good news on their social media pages immediately after the arrival of the baby:
Diamond Platinumz
06th Dec 2016 03: 35 am SA time…… 04: 35am EAST Time…. 02: 35am WEST Time…. 01: 35 am NORTH Time, A NEW STAR WAS BORN in NETCARE HOSPITAL / PRETORIA / SOUTH AFRICA…. unfortunately his parents Dad & Mom haven’t agreed on the name…. that’s why it even took time, to his advent to be on his parent’s Social media Pages….. Let’s wait and See, what @zarithebosslady & @Diamondplatnumz will end up calling him…
Zari’s post
Thanking everyone for your prayers, we are all doing fabulously ok. He made his grand entrance into the world this morning on the 6th Dec 2016 03.35am.


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