Zari Hits The Gym On Pregnancy Exercises

    Zari has embarked on challenging pregnancy exercises as she prepares to take her baby down. Pregnant experts say that lifting weights is a great way to stay fit before and after giving birth provided you are within certain limits and your care provider has given you the go- ahead.


    They also advise that you must enlist someone with experience of working with mothers-to-be, Zari was seen working out with his lover, Platnumz, does he have that experience?, may be yes.. “The struggle is real..Gotta keep that butt in place with the squats. Well it’s always easier with man power, ” Zari captioned the pics she shared on her Instagram account.


    Looking at Zari working out, the weight did not seem hard for her, the mother of three did more of the back squats and shoulder press. This will be her first child with the Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platnumz. Zari has three children from her previous relationship so given that experience plus these work outs, the whole process should be a walkover for her.


    Diamond revealed to Mzazi Willy Tuva that it’s a baby girl. Diamond kept a closer eye on his boo to be sure the weights did not hit her abdomen. Squats are one of the best pregnancy exercises as they reduce the lower back and hip pain and increased muscle strength.


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