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ZARI’s Ex In Trouble With Ugandan Authorities

Rich Gang CEO and former husband to Socialite Zari The Boss lady Ivan Ssemwanga, a Ugandan businessman based in South Africa is in trouble after his house in the posh suburbs of Muyenga in Kampala was invaded yesterday afternoon for illegal water connection. Officials from the National water and Sewerage Cooperation stormed the residence after they were tipped that the tycoon was illegally stealing water.Solomon Ruyonga the Spokesperson National Water and Sewerage Corporation said that the meter was removed long time ago and that Ivan had last paid bills in November last year.

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Although Ivan is not around at the moment, that couldn’t stop the officials from removing all the pipes that were pumping water into the house and all the pleas from the house help who was at the scene landed on deaf ears. Ivan is going to pay as a penalty and how much he will have to pay to be reconnected but one thing we are sure of is that by now, he is aware of what took place. We will bring you more updates as they unfold.


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